Gadget of the Day – Pioneer LX01BD

There are two ways to look at these fiscally frisky times. Tighten your belt and give up on all but the bare necessities. Or go berserk and spend ever

It consists of a string of cool gadgets designed to get the very best out of your Kuro TV, incidentally the winner of a Stuff Gadget Award 2008. Dubbed the LX01BD, it comes with a 1.1 profile Blu–Ray disc spinner, an integrated 5.1 channel amp and dodecahedron speakers.

That means your front room will be more akin to your local Odeon than ever before. All you need now is some popcorn to make the floor sticky and sone scally kids jabbering while you watch the latest Bond and you've nailed it.

It's out now and comes in at a cool £2,000.