Gadget of the Day – Overboard Waterproof Pro–Sports headphones

Listening to tunes while getting soaked doing extreme water sports isn't exactly wise. Take your regular ear buds and they'll be knackered and you'll

These new bad boys from Overboard though will let you listen to your tunes while you're out on the water without causing you any undue aural pain (unless you're listening to Katy Perry that is).

You get a neck band so they won't get drowned when you fall–in and a coiled cable that won't cause any annoying tangles when you're doing your thing.

Overboard reckons you should pair it with one of the waterproof iPod cases, and who are we to argue? Case and 'phones will hit you for £45.

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Overboard Waterproof Pro–Sports headphones and case

Price: £45

On sale: Now

Contact: Overboard