Gadget of the Day: the One Earth Ramblesack

Here at Stuff, we love a bit of a ramble. No, not banging on all day to anyone who’ll listen about the best and worst of the past 50 years of te

Only, half the kit we take with us doesn’t exactly help the upkeep of the green, green grass of home. PVC backpacks, for one, can’t always boast green credentials, ironically.

Millets is on the case, though. The outdoor specialist has just released the One Earth Ramblesack – a rucksack made from 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles.

The 30-litre pack has all the usual straps and pockets you’d expect but doesn’t come with its own giant screw-on top.

It’s a start, and we hope one day items such as the One Earth Ramblesack are the rule, rather than the exception.


One Earth Ramblesack

Price: £35

On sale: Out Now

Contact: Millets