Gadget of the Day – Offside Football Coffee Table

With tiresome Spurs jokes and endless carping from Stuff's Scouse contingent that  "this is Liverpool's year", this new coffee table se

The concept's pretty simple really – a coffee table with table football built in underneath to keep you entertained when Sky Sports slips into one of its lengthy, self–congratulatory ad breaks of a Sunday afternoon.

It has to be better than waiting for the Xbox to fire up and picking your side before having to switch everything off and settle down to the second half of Stoke City v Fulham, eh?

Sadly, there's one rather big snag. It costs a massive £1,495. And seeing as just affording a copy of PES and our Sky subscription is proving to be a struggle at the moment, we think maybe only Russian oligarchs should apply.


Offside Football Coffee Table

Price: £1,495

On sale: Now

Contact: Liberty Games