Gadget of the Day – NOXON iRadio for iPod

Not another radio-dock-combi we hear you cry – well this is a big step up from that. The new NOXON iRadio combines an iPod Dock, Internet Wi-Fi

The i-maginatively named iRadio is sleek, in a smooth black finish, with more dials and buttons than seems strictly necessary. Whether you are searching for bass-hunting bhangra or trip-hip-hop, the NOXON genre and location guide will help you wade through the world of web radio.

Plus, being able to jack in a USB hard drive and hook the iRadio up to your Hi-Fi means you’ll be rocking out all over the house with ease. Oh, and it comes with a remote too!


Terratec NOXON iRadio for iPod

Price: £239.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Terratec