Gadget of the Day: mi-vox

Audio books – never quite as convenient as their paper-based cousins – but that could change with the mi-vox.Launched last year they now h

Launched last year they now have a library of titles larger than the Bodlian – possibly – but several anyway, including the likes of Peter Kay and Jeremy Clarkson, plus a slew of BBC comedy titles.

At around £15 a pop they're not much more than the cost of a book and it does the reading for you – marvellous.

Then, when you're done, hold on to it or send it back to mi-vox and they'll recycle it for nowt. Beats keeping a stack of curled up paperbacks by the bed. Although not quite as eco-friendly as simply downloading audio files...


mi-vox audio books

Price: £15

On sale: now

Contact: mi-vox