Gadget of the Day – Metal Gear Solid 4 watch

We're proud gamers here at Stuff Towers. But even we're not sure we're dedicated to the cause enough to snaffle ourselves one of these limited edition

There are only 500 available worldwide, with Gamestation stores up and down the country shifting the UK allocation. Still, it does sound like it's well worth a pop and it looks the part too.

For just £99.99 you get this rather sharp piece of kit, a neat stainless steel buckle and a rather smart MGS4 box. Make sure you're rocking it while you're hunkering down to a serious PS3 session for full effect.

You can order one over at the Gamestation site now, and we reckon you should get spending sharpish.


MGS4 Limited Edition watch

Price: £99.99

On sale: 14 Nov

Contact: Gamestation