Gadget of the Day – Lego digital camera

From giving their little men evil faces to branching out into egg cups, Lego certainly isn't shy about turning its classic line of toys into something

So much so in fact that they're taking aim at gadget fans too, today confirming a new line of cameras, PMPs and walkie talkies. Sure, they're all aimed at kids, but they make the usual black and aluminium goods that cross our desks look duller than David Cameron.

The camera's the one that's really caught our eye, with a mixed brick look and flash to keep things looking vaguely camera like. Sadly there's no word on specs or price, with US punters expecting to pay around $60.

In fact, we think we'd rather lay our hands on one of these neat new toys than most of the gubbins we had fun with last week at CES.


Lego digital camera

Price: £TBA

On sale: Summer

Contact: Lego