Gadget of the Day: Kill-A-Watt

Just missing out on our list of green gadgets is this simple piece of kit, dubbed the Kill-A-Watt (see what they did there). The 'plug' and play devi

The 'plug' and play device slots into any spare socket to give instant readouts on the leccy draw of any gadget plugged into it.

Move it around the house and you'll be able to eliminate those power-sucking appliances in no time, steadying your Electricity bill and polishing your green halo at the same time.

It's not quite as pretty as the similarly titled Kyoto Wattson, but it's cheaper and doesn't require a mission to the electricity meter in your cobweb-covered basement to install.


Kill-A-Watt Plug in Electricity Saving Monitor

Price: £18

On sale: Now

Contact: Eco Hamster