Gadget of the day – Key Revolution Mobiu

Are you one of these hotdesking power types, jumping from PC to PC? Or just ultra–paranoid about people snopping your vast collection of Powerpo

This dinky USB stick packs in a SIM card and let’s you hop on any PC you like, without leaving a footprint behind. All you need to do is slap it in, key in your password via the SIM, and the grab your docs and the like from the ‘Mobirooms.’

You get 5GB of stoirage in the starter pack, which sould be plenty if all you need is access to tiresome spreadsheets and the idiotic ramblings that you call your ‘novel.’

The whole thing costs £135 straight up and includes a year’s worth of subscription. It plays nice with Vista and XP, but Mac users, you’ll have to look elsewhere.


Key Revolution

Price: £135

On sale: Now

Contact: Mobiu