Gadget of the Day: JVC HP-FX500

JVC have gone all high-end audio posh by developing their HP-FX500 earbuds, complete with wooden speaker cones and solid birch cases. The sound is sai

The sound is said to be warmer and richer than that of plastic and wire competitors. Thankfully the wood-fest stops with the earpieces, which are rubber, ensuring a tight, background noise-reducing fit.

The innards are coated in a jitter-preventing damping gel, and JVC claims an audible range of 8Hz to 25kHz.

Coming complete with their own case and a choice of three sizes of earpieces, the buds shouldn’t make too big a dent in your wallet. They’re launching in Japan in February with a price of ¥15,000 (£65).

US and European releases should follow soon after. We’ll be bagging some of these ultra-classy in-ear ’phones to go with our Denon AH-5000s.



Price: ¥15,000 (£65).

On sale: tba

Contact: JVC Japan