Gadget of the Day: iriver E100

Judging by what we saw at CES in January, iriver's limbering up for a promising year of iPod baiting with its line up of Far East media players.Workin

Working on the principle of shortest first, its debuting in 2008 with this, the E100 - a pocket pleasing flash player with up to 8GB on board and an unusually large 2.4in screen to give iPod nano's 2-incher an inferiority complex.

Like the new Zen Stones, it also gets built-in speakers for a spot of commuter annoying - or for having others settle down in front of front of the screen for a movie without the usual earphone tug-of-war.

As ever with iriver, it's multiformat friendly. Music gets the standard MP3 and WMA compatibility but also the more obscure FLAC, ASF and OGG. Likewise, MPEG-4 and WMV9 are there for video as well as uber-cool, open source XVID, which can give the more familiar DivX a run for its money.

Thankfully iriver's also included a MicroSD slot to add more space for movies. Availability's been announced across Europe but so far we can only find it at Amazon Marketplace. Expect stock elsewhere soon.


iriver E100

Price: £65

On sale: Now

Contact: iriver