Gadget of the Day – iPhone 3G Solar Case

If you're of an eco bent and don't like relying upon mains sockets or computers for charging your iPhone, the Solar Case could be for you.It's all bus

It's all business with a leather finish and a flip out solar panel which protects the screen and charges your iPhone too.

You can juice up your iPhone directly from the case's solar panel, or from the internal battery which you can top up either via USB or from the panel to use later.

And although you'll obviously get the best results from a bit of direct sunshine, it'll charge in any well lit area so there's no need to leave your iPhone baking in the sun somewhere.

Have a look at some other sun-loving chargers like the Freeloader Globetrotter and Solio Solar Charger


Apple iPhone 3G Solar Case

Price: £27.95

On sale: Now

Contact: Mobile Fun