Gadget of the Day: Ion LP Dock

Ion, maker of the Tape2PC has added to their line-up with an update of their Audio ITTUSB Turntable. The LP Dock, as the name suggests, includes an iP

It'll work with your 5G Video or Classic iPod, as well as the 2G and 3G incarnations. If you want to add track info though, you'll have to do that through iTunes.

The LP Dock comes with EZ Vinyl Converter software for ripping tunes, and adding track info via Gracenote Music ID, as well as Audacity for editing recordings and removing unwanted noise.

So if you have a big library of vinyl but don't want to cart it around in a wheelbarrow,  this one might be for you.

Check out Ion's full line-up of analogue-to-digital rippers as seen at CES


Ion LP Dock

Price: £129.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Firebox