Gadget of the Day: HANNspree's £100 LCDs

HANNspree certainly likes to stand out from the crowd with its range of zany LCD TVs which come in the shape of everything from golf balls to handbags

In an effort to bring these flatscreen marvels to the masses and also to mark the release of a new model, the Starlight Blue, it's slashing prices. So now you can get your hands on a giraffe-shaped television for just £100.

Among those in the price drop is the TimeSquare – a 12inch LCD TV with a little bit extra. Mounted on either side of the screen are speakers which fold inwards when you're not watching the box to reveal a sports style clock plus a thermometer and hygrometer. Perfect for double checking that TV weather forecast. Yep, definitely rain.



Price: £99.99

On sale: Now

Contact: HANNspree