Gadget of the Day – H2O Multifunction Clock

We get tired of replacing batteries and like to do our bit for Mother Earth wherever we can. That's why we're positively damp with excitement at the p

Alright, have a sit down if you have to, but we're going to keep telling you about this. The H2O Multifunction Clock is aptly named indeed – it runs on H2O and is a multifunction clock. If only everything in life was as straightforward.

All its components are recyclable, and each fill of water will last about three months, after which time you can just give it a sip from your glass and it'll be all green gravy for another three months.

Best of all, it promises to be simple to use. The different functions – time, alarm, temperature and timer – are all accessed by turning the clock in 90 degree increments.

We can see a new line in excuses as well – "Sorry I was late, Boss. I spilled my alarm clock."


H2O Multifunction Clock

Price: £19.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Gadgetshop