Gadget of the Day – Gear4 Jumpsuit Tread iPod case

Good ol’ accessories makers gave us early word on the sharp new iPod nano 4g, so it’d be mean to ignore them now we know exactly what we c

The chaps at Gear4 are already out of the blocks with their new offerings, and we have to say we like the look of their new Jumpsuit Tread case, making your new Touch or nano look like, well, a tyre.

It’s £14.99 for the nano edition, £19.99 for the Touch. Still, that’s not too much to pay to protect your precious new bit of kit.

If you haven’t caught sight of the new nano yet, check out our hands–on video. And once you’re done, have a squizz at our which iPod for you feature.


Gear4 Jumpsuit Tread iPod case

Price: From £14.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Gear 4