Gadget of the day: Fly SX 200

Fly is something of a Sekonda of the mobile world - providing cut price handsets that don't skimp on features.Take the SX 200 - an all black slider th

Take the SX 200 - an all black slider that looks not at all unlike an all black version of last year's SL600.

That slider set Vodafone PAYG peeps back a modest £60, but this baby's selling for a teensy £30.

With MP3 player, video playback, Bluetooth, memory card slot and a neat camera, Fly reckons it's the best value phone on these very shores.

Find it in Woolies on Virgin Mobile - in between the CDs and the pick'n'mix.


Fly SX 200

Price: £30

On sale: Now

Contact: Woolworths