Gadget of the Day: Ex Time watches

Wrists are only one place to stick a watch. Some folks like to use their pockets and a chain while others use their phone. But if none of that is conv

Ex Time watches come in four extreme flavours; Clip & Rip, The Money, Mile High and Climate Series. Each one looks like a cross between a karabiner and a Swiss Army Knife, packing features like nobody’s business.

Top of crop are the Clip & Rips – packing scissors, a mag-light and a compass, no less. Its little brother is the stripped-down Money range, offer up the karabiner-style design only.

After that it’s the Mile High range, followed by the one we’ve got our eye on: the Climate Series – a watch that hides a heart rate counter, and enables you to calorie count and watch how much fat you’re burning. It even has altitude, barometer and digital compass functions. That’s a feature list to make most mobile phones jealous.

Watches can have a habit of chafing our delicate wrists so clipping these ‘bad boys’, as makers Extreme Group loves to call them, to our bags, bikes and belts should suit us fine.


You don’t have to climb mountains to wear ‘em, that’s for sure.


Ex Time watches

Price: From £40

On sale: Out Now

Contact: Extreme Pie