Gadget of the Day – disgo Media Bank

We’re forever telling ourselves that storage is the least sexy thing on planet gadget. And to be fair, we’re not far wrong. But, like layi

Disgo’s Media Bank has really caught our eye. Cramming in a more than ample 500GB of storage, you’ll find space for music, videos and snaps.

So far, so average. But add to that it’s PVR powers, letting you record shows straight from your set–top box, either manually or scheduled, and you’re looking at a winner.

Our favourite part though? The £169 price tag. No more burning resentment for paying over the odds for a place to store last week’s Richard and Judy, your questionable Carry On... collection and good ol’ Phil Collins. Glory days.


disgo Media Bank

Price: £169

On sale: 19 May

Contact: PC World