Gadget of the Day - Denon AH-NC732 noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are a must-have here at Stuff Towers. And the latest lot to show up on our doorstep are these bad boys and Denon's first e

They're proper over-the-ear jobs, cutting out a massive 99 per cent of extra noise - be it other commuters rubbish ear buds or just pesky traffic. That means you can settle down to your love of progressive metal in peace, something we're not averse to, make no mistake.

They tip the scales at 160g including the cable and like all hefty noise cancelling cans, you'll need batteries to get the thing working to its full capacity. You'll get 40 hours out of them, but you can still listen to tunes once they run out, just with all that extra sound making an unwelcome intrusion.

They're out now, and cost £250. So if you couldn't give a monkeys about the credit crunch, these bad boys are for you. Want a cheaper pair? Check out our best headphones for under £50.