Gadget of the Day – Carphone Warehouse Eco Charger

Going green is no longer reserved for kids with dreads and David Cameron. Hell, everyone's getting on the bandwagon. But with the constant proliferati

It's their first ever green charger, and they claim it's the best of the bunch. Having been tested against its competitors, Carphone says it drains less electricity, thanks to the fact it shuts down as soon as your blower is fully juiced up.

With saying 95 per cent of energy used by mobile chargers is wasted, this neat gadget could save you a packet in bills and make you feel that bit better about your addiction to cheap flights and driving to the cornershop.

It's due to hit every Carphone Warehouse store on 3 March for £22.99. But what price being green, eh?


Carphone Warehouse Eco Charger

Price: £22.99

On sale: 3 March

Contact: Carphone Warehouse