Gadget of the Day: Bluetrek Bizz

Still talking on a Bluetooth headset that doesn't have a USB memory stick built in? Bluetrek'll fix that. It's Brought out the Bizz that's just the, e

As well as a standard headset it’ll carry your files around too. Rather than relying on a fixed dollop of memory it takes teensy MicroSD cards for up to 8GB of file porting.

Because it’s USB, charging is just a simple case of popping it in a laptop and letting it have its 'leccy fill – and all the while it'll treble up as a MicroSD card reader. Genius.

It's out very soon - will take your pre-order. Now, where did we leave that USB stick? Oh yes! In our ear...


Bluetrek Bizz

Price: £TBA

On sale: March