Gadget of the Day – Baglite and Anklelite

Daylight is in short supply at the moment, so if you're out on your bike you need a bit of help being seen. The Baglite is a cunning addition to your

It sits over the top of your rucsac and has two white LED lights on the front and one red one on the back with both flashing and constant modes. The lights are arranged in a floodlight formation and surrounded with reflective material so you're sure to be seen by other road-users.

Joining the Baglite is its smaller cousin, the Anklelite. This little fella straps around your – you guessed it – ankle so that everyone can see you and just how fast your little legs are pedalling.

Though 'solar powered' both the Baglite and Anklelite can be charged with natural and artificial light, so you can leave them out on your desk during the day to keep them nicely topped up, even if it's all gloom outside.


Baglite, Anklelite

Price: £24.99, £12.25

On sale: Now

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