Gadget of the Day – Air Hogs ZG Micro

Engineering boffins say Formula 1 cars generate such monumental amounts of downforce that you could drive one upside down. The only problem? Finding s

The mini remote control car defies gravity at every turn with its ability to drive up walls, on the ceiling, on the underside of a table, in fact, anywhere that's flat enough for its low-riding chassis to tear up.

Worried that the missus will kick up a fuss when she returns home to find her lavender walls looking like a Formula 1 starting grid? Well fret not, the ZG Micro comes with scuff-free tyres and even a set of working headlights.

How it works, we just don't know, but in the interests of avoiding some Richard Hammond-esque injuries while trying to drive our Fiat Panda on the roof of the Dartford tunnel it looks like a winning RC to us.


Air Hogs ZG Micro

Price: £30

On sale: Now

Contact: Air Hogs