FXI squashes a computer into Cotton Candy USB stick

And with HDMI skills too, you can give your TV the Xmas present of Android and the Cloud

Much as we hate to admit it – and this post will destroy itself once read – the wage fairies don't always bring enough gold to let us buy new TVs, laptops and other gadgety displays every year. But we still want tech with 2011 smarts. Step in the FXI Cotton Candy, the computer in a USB stick.

The Cotton Candy runs on a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor with microSD storage up to 64GB. Plug the USB stick into your laptop, PC or HDTV (via HDMI) and you can access all your files and media on any screen. The device also runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) on any display even if you own a Mac – so say hello to multi-OS devices.

When you're using your TV, you'll need to grab a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse if you want to achieve anything but apart from TV control – and a lack of Android Market access for now – it looks like FXI has all bases covered. The Cotton Candy can run Ubuntu Linux, as well as Android, and future versions will run Windows 8. We're looking at a price of around US$200, or £130, with a 2012 release date. Don't expect magic from your current USB sticks in the meantime. 

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