Futuristic? That’s how the Stuff Heathrow Escape Pod rolls

One year after Heathrow Terminal 5’s Pod transporters hit the road, we’ve embellished one with some sci-fi-inspired livery

Not everyone can afford to travel in business class, but even fewer will get to ride Stuff’s sci-fi-inspired, futuristic Escape Pod.

Designed by Stuff art editor Alex Fanning in honour of the Heathrow Pods’ first birthday, BAA – which runs Heathrow Airport – has decked out one of the 25mph vehicles with Stuff Escape Pod livery, instantly converting it into the coolest thing about travelling business class ever.

The Pods are thought to have done away with 50,000 bus journeys at Heathrow in their first year of operation, carrying over 100,000 passengers. Now a lucky few will get to pretend they’re escaping the mothership in their hour of alien-fearing need.

Planning to travel on the Stuff Heathrow Escape Pod? Hurry, our design is only on the Pod for a limited one-month run. And how will you make your dramatic escape then?

Of course, if you're not off on your hols any time soon – or travelling to Heathrow is as much hassle as a short-haul flight – we've made it easy to admire our Stuff-styled Escape Pod. Just watch the video.

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