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The future of shopping – wear virtual items before you buy

Ever wondered how that 12 grand Rolex would look like on your wrist? Your dream could soon become a (virtual) reality thanks to the MIT Media Lab's Jinha Lee

You could be trying on virtual clothing in the near future if designer Jinha Lee’s ‘What You Click Is What You Wear’ system goes mainstream.

Making use of the SpaceTop transparent 3D Desktop that he’s been working on with Microsoft, Lee’s system lets you try on virtual watches and jewellery, augmented directly onto your wrist in 3D by the wonders of science.

The system could also go mobile thanks to head-mounted display/camera combos like Google Glass allowing you to try on items when you’re out and about.

Now all we need is everyone wearing head-mounted displays and we can walk around fully clothed in virtual clothes and gear. Though not in this current arctic weather mind.

[Vimeo via Core77]

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