Futulele turns your iPad and iPhone into a ukulele

Combining two Apple products to make a ukulele? Amidio Inc has created the ultimate hipster device

Amidio Inc, the people behind the Touch DJ app, have created the Futulele, a gadget which turns your iPad and iPhone into a ukulele synthesiser and is thus possibly the most unnecessary device known to man.

The Futulele hardware links your iDevices together using Bluetooth, letting you strum away on your iPad and select chords using your iPhone.

The Futulele is set to arrive in April and will be optimised for the iPad 3. But seriously, folks. You can buy a real ukulele for £10. And it's not as if it'll take up any more space than an iPad and iPhone. If your inner hipster won't be quelled by cold, hard facts, then check out the Futulele in action below.

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