Fully Charged: Witch’s head spotted in space, Lego movie trailer and airlines relax gadget rules

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NASA Instagrams a spooky nebula

Witches in space! NASA Instagrams a spooky nebula

It being Halloween and all, NASA yesterday decided to take its Instagram account on a somewhat spooky turn. The space agency posted a striking image of the Witch Head nebula, a collection of gas and stars that resembles the profile of a Wizard of Oz-style witch’s face. It’s even green!

But don’t get too scared: the nebula is located hundreds of light years from Earth, somewhere off Orion’s knee. [Source: NASA Instagram]

No Android KitKat for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

No Android KitKat for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

If you’re the owner of Google’s first Nexus phone, the Galaxy Nexus, get ready for some ill tidings: you won’t be able to update its OS to Android 4.4 KitKat. The latest version of the operating system, which will debut on the new Nexus 5 and roll out to all other Nexus-branded devices within the next couple of weeks, isn’t coming to the Samsung-built phone according to a Google support page – perhaps the hardware just isn’t beefy enough to handle the new features? [Source: Engadget]

Finally, the powers that be see sense over in-flight electronics

Amazon's Kindle Twitter account celebrates the news

The FAA, the branch of the US government that oversees air travel, has at last allowed passengers to use electronic devices during “all phases of flight”. That means, probably by the end of this year, that flyers in the US won’t have to turn off their iPad, Kindle or DS during take-off and landing.

Laptops will still need to be stowed at these times (they’re deemed too bulky to be out and about in the cabin), and mobile phones will have to be switched to flight mode.

Delta Air Lines and Jet Blue have already announced that they are working on a plan to change their in-flight electronics policies. The Europe Aviation Safety Agency, which participated in the review panel that decided on the rule change, has said it will be clarifying its own policy after analysing the decision. [Source: New York Times]

Here’s the first proper trailer for The Lego Movie

Will Arnett, Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and Will Ferrell are all voicing characters in The Lego Movie, which looks to be very much in the vein of recent Pixar and Dreamworks comedies (yes, it’s CG that’s been given a decidedly stop motion-esque look). Check out the first official trailer above.