Fully Charged: Sony Smart Stick takes on Chromecast, WSJ opens London tech cafe and Nokia 1520 phablet launch delayed

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Sony Bravia Smart Stick

Sony Bravia Smart Stick to take on Google Chromecast

Sony has revealed some details on the Bravia Smart Stick, an upcoming dongle that will add Google TV functionality to any compatible Sony TV. The device looks a little like the Google Chromecast, but will differ in a number of ways: it comes with its own remote, for starters, but more significantly it’ll be able to run any apps available for Google TV. While the Chromecast is currently restricted to Netflix and YouTube playback, the Smart Stick will also support Amazon Instant Video (the US answer to Lovefilm), Vudu, Redbox and Crackle, and any others that appear on Google Play. You’ll also be able to open a web browser on your screen while TV plays in another window.

The device will reportedly cost around US$150 (£95) and only work with Sony TV released in 2013 onwards, however – all of which make it quite a bit more restrictive than the US$35, brand-agnostic Chromecast. [Source: Engadget]

Wall Street Journal opens tech cafe in London

Wall Street Journal opens tech cafe in London

If you find yourself in the vicinity of East London’s Silicon Roundabout over the next month and fancy a latte and the chance of spotting, say, Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason holding court on the issue of music copyright, you’re in luck. American broadsheet the Wall Street Journal is opening a pop-up tech cafe on 25th and 26th September and various speakers will be there to talk technology and startups. The cafe will be located inside Shoreditch’s Rotary Bar & Diner, and you can register for the talks here.

Nokia’s 6in Lumia 1520 launch delayed until October

Lumia 1520

Nokia was reportedly gearing up to launch the Lumia 1520, a 6in Windows Phone 8 phablet, later this month – but it seems the acquisition of the company’s phone business by Microsoft has delayed the event. According to rumours, it’s now tentatively scheduled for mid-October. The device is tipped to offer a 1920 x 1080 AMOLED resolution, powerful Snapdragon 800 chip and Windows Phone 8.1 on board. [Source: The Verge]