Fully Charged: play with iOS 7, hear Intel’s smartwatch plans and watch Steve Jobs talk legacy back in 1994

A side of high-calorie tech news to go with your sweet breakfast pastry

iOS 7 for all

If the myriad colours of Jony Ive’s iOS 7 has you chomping at the bit, wait no longer. You can now sample the new notifications screen, dabble with the control menu and even snap with the camera. And the demo is all online so you won’t need to risk bricking your iPhone to do it. Give it a try and write what you think in the comments below – it looks great but, for all it adds, I'm glad iOS 7 is a free upgrade. [Source: Recombu]

Nvidia plans to start licencing its Kepler GPU technology so everyone can use it on their mobile chips – for a fee. Could this mean a Kepler-toting iPhone?  As if its gaming prowess wasn't strong enough already. [Source: CNET]

Never lose anything with Button TrackR

Sick of losing your keys? Button TrackR, like some gadget crammed digital antacid, will take away that feeling. Attach it to your keys, wallet, bike, or even an errant child, and not only can you find it using Bluetooth within a 30m range, but crowd-sourcing extends its tracking distance further. All TrackR devices see each other, so if you’re out of range you can get the GPS co-ordinates of your TrackR from the online records of other users. What a great way to make the thingternet work for us. Now, I need to find my mobile so I can find my mobile by buying one of these US$25 buttons on Indiegogo. [Gizmag via Indiegogo]

HTC has confirmed that the Android 4.2.2 upgrade will be coming to its flagship HTC One. It just still hasn’t confirmed a date. [Source: BGR]

Intel confirms super-efficient smartwatch

Intel’s chief technology officer Justin Rattner has confirmed that Intel is working on wearable tech and is already testing a smartwatch that displays texts. Thanks to next generation Intel Merrifield chip tech, which packs environment sensors to optimise power consumption, Intel could dramatically improve the battery life of the next generation of wearable gadgetry. Hear that, Pebble Smartwatch? How do you like them apples, Apple iWatch? Let's hope it beats Google Glass’ battery effort, too. [Source: Techradar]

LG plans to release a mobile in 2014 with always-on voice commands, powered by Qualcomm’s insanely quick Snapdragon 800. All it'll need to activate is a simple “hello”, and it'll only respond to your own voice. Google Glass users who have suffered from mates shouting “OK Glass, search Justin Bieber” should appreciate this. [Source: Gottabemobile]

Steve Jobs questions his legacy

At NeXT in 1994, Steve Jobs spoke about his legacy to camera. He suggests his work won’t be remembered in the years that follow. Bit off the mark there, Steve.

Amazon has introduced social birthday cards on Facebook that can be crowd-funded. I don’t know anyone who would want a card that expensive - or even a physical card these days - but I like the idea. And since you can spend the kitty on presents too, all the better – as long as I don’t have to shop. [via Pocket-lint]

iOS 7 on iPad. Perhaps

It looks like the Russians have managed to lay hands on an early version of iOS 7 for iPad. I expected it to be just a bigger version of the iPhone OS, and it is – but it looks even better on that big screen. YouTube user called Rozetked inexplicably describes the folders as “awkward”, but I’m still a fan – whether this turns out to be a mock-up version or the real deal. [via 9to5mac]

Ebook tracking just stepped up a notch as a new DRM called SiDiM (Secure Documents by individual Marking) comes into play. This makes slight punctuation changes in every copy, which means stolen books are easily tracked. But as a smith of words, I'm; not sold: on, the idea. [Source: Wired]

Lego: the movie

That’s right, a full-length feature starring A-list Hollywood actors – and it’s all animated in Lego. Is it a giant advert campaign or could it be a worthwhile piece of celluloid art? As long as the one-liners are as good as the trailer’s, this could be a winner.

I hate packing to go on holiday. I hate unpacking on holiday. So I love the idea of the Rise & Hang Weekender bag that means packing once, hanging on arrival and zipping up to leave. Just take my US$100 (£65) already. [Source: Rise&Hang]

Windows 8 Phone users rejoice: you can now animate everything in a fresh GIF style, thanks to version 2.0 of the app Blink. Think Vine, just with less people watching.