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Fully Charged: No DLNA for PS4, Facebook may track your cursor, and Dell laptops stink (literally)

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PlayStation 4: no MP3s, no CDs and no DLNA

Sony has released a huge FAQ for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and among the many details revealed are the following: it will not be compatible with CDs or MP3s, and will not work as a DLNA media server.

While we suspect that few people use a console for MP3 or CD playback, the lack of DLNA support seems slightly odd given the fact that it has become near-standard on many “smart” items such as TVs and consoles. Perhaps this move is intended to steer users towards Sony’s own video and music streaming services?

You can take a look at the full FAQ here.

In rosier PS4 news, it has emerged that Call of Duty: Ghosts will display natively at a resolution of 1080p on Sony’s machine and “only” 720p on the Xbox One. Both versions will run at a smooth 60fps. [Source: Eurogamer]

Dell laptop owners complain of “cat pee” stench

It wasn

Several buyers of Dell’s Latitude 6430u have found a problem with the laptop – and for once it isn’t something as mundane as a noisy hard drive or uneven backlight.

Nope: it’s that the notebook smells like cat urine. A thread in Dell’s community support forums (now over five pages long) features phrases including “tomcat’s litter box”, “gross smell”, “awful stench” and “it’s almost burning my eyes”, with Dell’s choice of chemicals apparently to blame. One user claims that he had his cat put down as a result of the odour, but we’re going to assume that’s just a spot of trolling.

Dell has apologised for the issue and says it is working on a fix. Quite what form that fix will take remains to be seen. We reached out to Stuff Office Cat for comment, but he said only that he hadn’t been near any Dell laptops in years – he’s a Lenovo feline through and through. [Source: The Next Web]

Image credit: marco

Facebook may start tracking your cursor movements

Think Facebook accesses too much of your data now? Well, the social network is currently testing technology that will track even more of your activity on the site, down to storing details of where you move the cursor.

Facebook’s analytics chief Ken Rudin revealed that new types of data that may be collected include “did your cursor hover over that ad… and was the newsfeed in a viewable area. I can’t promise that it will roll out. We probably will know in a couple of months.” The data, known as “behavioural data”, can be used to help target ads more effectively, as well as aid future Facebook interface and layout redesigns. [Source: Wall Street Journal]

Battlefield 3 player’s realistic radio chatter causes hilarity

Some people might be accused of taking online gaming a little too seriously. This guy, for instance, communicates with his Battlefield 3 squad members as if he’s in a real war. We strongly suspect that he’s doing it mostly for laughs – see the part where he “receives a message from HQ” (his mum) – but it actually appears to be a valid in-game asset when it comes to pinpointing enemy positions. Enjoy. [Source: Reddit]