Fully Charged: A new dinosaur, Facebook gets a board game and here's a teddy bear that measures your heart rate

This morning's news round-up will keep your tech hunger locked up 'til lunch

A new type of dinosaur - the 15ft Nasutoceratops Titusi has been identified in Utah. It's name means 'big nosed horned face' in Latin, which I don't think needs any explanation.

Now we just need some amber and a blood-filled mosquito to get the ball rolling. [via The Verge]

Smarter than your average bear

Croation medical technology startup IDerma has launched a rather special teddy bear which is packed with sensors that can measure heart rate, oxygen levels and temperature before sending the data to a parent's phone. Teddy the Guardian's sensors are located at different locations around its body, with its paw containing sensors which measure heart rate and oxygen. Adorably clever. [via Tech Crunch]

Board of Facebook?

Graphic designer Pat C. Klein has whipped up a Monopoly-inspired Facebook board game to encourage more people to spend time with and communicate with each other in person. Picking up a Status card means you have to share good news or reveal future plans, while Video means you have to watch a clip with somebody. Or you could, you know, all go out for pizza and leave your phones in your pockets. [via Gizmodo]

Kinect reads sign language

Microsoft Research Asia and the Institute of Computing Technology in China have managed to get Kinect to read almost every single gesture in American Sign Language, to the point where it can actually translate gestures into different languages. Very impressive stuff, considering how many specific hand movements are involved. [via Polygon]

Watch your back

Think Geek has created a US$40 Spidey-sense t-shirt with a proximity sensor on the back which vibrates when you're being approached from behind. It'll be available in October, though I wish it was sensitive enough to detect spiders, who always seem to be creeping up on me... [via Gizmodo]