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Fully Charged: iPhone camera goes slo-mo, GoPro plays fetch with a pug and Dropbox gets ambitious

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Clue yourself in on the latest tech stories with Stuff’s daily morning newsblast of relevant headlines. Today we take in Apple’s plans for the next iPhone’s camera, Dropbox’s plans to rule the cloud and see what happens when you play fetch with a GoPro’d-up stick.

Apple iPhone 5S to offer slow motion camera?

New iPhone

As the launch of Apple’s next smartphone draws ever closer, rumours about its “killer feature” abound. And, according to one such piece of online tittle-tattle, that’s going to be a camera able to record video footage at a high frame-rate (120fps) which, when played back at normal speed, will be in silky-smooth solo-mo. Which sounds wonderful… except it’s already on the Samsung Galaxy S4. We’d imagine Apple will need something a bit more envelope-pushing to make its new phone stand out. [Source: 9to5Mac]

GoPro gives a stick’s eye view

By now you’re probably more than familiar with GoPro, the tiny, near-unbreakable sports action camcorder. But there’s always a new way to use it, and this video – from GoPro itself – shows off what happens when you attach it to a stick and toss it down the beach for your dog to fetch. [Source: Gizmodo]

Dropbox wants to sync everything for you


Dropbox has become the de facto “big name” in cloud syncing, but often it requires you to manually shift files around on whatever device you’re currently using. That’s all set to change, though, following the ambitious announcement of Datastores, a Dropbox API for third-party apps (on iOS, Android and in Javascript) that will allow any data from within an app – game saves, contacts etc – to be automatically backed up and synced across everything. That could well ensure Dropbox becomes, as Gizmodo aptly puts it, “the Kleenex of ‘sync my stuff everywhere'”. [Source: The Verge]