Fully Charged: Insta-vine, more Arrested Development and NSA-proof messaging

The weekend's nearly here – and we've got a tasty roundup of tech news to kick it all off

Vine has given itself an edge over Instagram's rival mini-video service (which lets you record for double the length of time) by updating the app with a home screen Capture button.

One tap, and boom, you're recording a Vine instantly without having to navigate through nests of menus. Fast enough for you? [Source: Twitter]

Arrested Development set for another season

Netflix is currently in negotiations to shoot a fifth series of Arrested Development, and I'm hoping it'll raise awareness for never-nudes in the process. There are literally dozens of us! [via The Verge]

Mega users to get NSA-proof messaging

Kim Dotcom of Megaupload fame has announced that users of his rebooted Mega cloud storage service will be getting encrypted messaging within the next two months, so that users can avoid prying eyes of the NSA. Who I'm probably now being watched by, thanks to this story. Hi Jim *waves*. [via BGR]

New Infinity Blade cancelled

Infinity Blade Dungeons

Epic Games has announced that Infinity Blade Dungeons for iPad (which was used to demonstrate the iPad's power last year) has been scrapped, though the franchise will continue. You can still download Infinity Blade 2 – and plenty of other free Apple apps – so your blood lust can still be fulfilled. [via The Verge]