Fully Charged: Buy a NASA launch pad, implant your body with NFC chips and learn the name of Nokia’s new phablet

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Fully Charged: Buy a NASA launch pad

Bidding opened on Moon mission launch pads

NASA is selling three launch pads from the Kennedy Space Center, a trio of 3700-ton mobile steel plates that were used for Saturn V rockets during the Apollo Moon missions and later, in modified form, for space shuttles.

With the shuttles no longer in use and NASA’s next generation of rockets requiring a different type of launch platform, the agency has decided to offload these pieces of history to the highest bidders. They’re too big for most museums, but could be used by Elon Musk’s SpaceX project (possibly moving into Kennedy in the near future), as platforms for oil rigs or as artificial reefs. Failing that, they could be salvaged or recycled. [Source: New Scientist]

Image credit: European Space Agency

Would you implant an NFC-compatible chip in your body – for art?

A New York artist has just become part-man, part-machine in the purposes of widening his distribution methods. Anthony Antonellis had a grain of sand-sized RFID chip implanted in his hand which, when it holds it close to an NFC-capable phone, results in an animated GIF appearing on the screen. Antonellis describes it as a “digital tattoo”. He can upload new animations to the chip via his own smartphone, but with only 1KB of memory on offer, it has to be kept fairly simple: say 10 frames and six colours. A warning to our more squeamish readers: if the sight of blood upsets you, don’t click on the video above. [Source: designboom]

Nokia’s phablet gets a name, allegedly

Nokia’s phablet gets a name, allegedly

We’ve heard whispers in the past that, in the frozen wastes of Finland (well, Espoo), Nokia’s elves are toiling day and night on a 6in phablet. Well, apparently this device now has a real name: the Lumia 1520. That’s according to serial smartphone news-hounds @evleaks, who are on the money more often than not.

We’d previously heard that the phablet, codenamed “Bandit” during development, would be called the Lumia 1080, but 1520 probably fits the range better. The device, which would be the first Windows Phone phablet, will reportedly offer a 1080p AMOLED screen and a powerful Snapdragon 800 CPU. Nokia is holding an event in Moscow today, 28th August – will the 1520 make its first public appearance? [Source: @evleaks]

Wikipad launch date is now 27th September

Wikipad launch date is now 27th September

Wikipad, the game-centric 7in tablet, will go on sale in the UK on 27th September. The tablet, already on sale in the US and originally scheduled for a June launch here, will cost £250 and comes with 16GB of storage, a microSD card slot offering up to a further 32GB, an Nvidia Tegra processor and, the killer app for gamers, a dual-analogue stick control setup that should be a million times more preferable for fast-paced games than on-screen buttons. We’ve got a Wikipad in the Stuff office right now, so stay tuned for our verdict.