Fully Charged: The beauty of GTA V, Sony's new snappers and Google's Lego Star Wars wall

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A GTA landscape

If you thought GTA V was one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful games in history, you're not alone.

Professional photographer and avid gamer Phil Rose has used the in-game Snapmatic camera phone and captured an astonishing gallery showing off the true beauty of Rockstar's creation – and there's now a whole group of Los Santos Landscape Photographers snapping away.

The pics are a wonderful piece of work, and shows that the hard work that went into the game's engine really did pay off - and that Los Santos looks a rather nice holiday destination, as long as you stay away from the ruffians.

[Flickr gallery via at7addak]

Sony's super snappers

Sony's new A7
The RX10

Sony has unveiled a trio of new prosumer cameras this morning, ranging from the A7r, which you'll see a full hands on with later this morning, to the a7 and the RX10.

The RX10, set to sell for around £999, has a fixed Carl Zeiss 24-200mm lens, and boasts 20.2 megapixels pervaded by Sony's Exmor R sensor.

It's also got a new autofocus system and even boasts a 25fps HD movie mode for budding directors.

The Alpha 7, costing £1300 for a body only and £1550 with 28-70mm lens (although as always with Sony, retailers are free to set their own prices, so shop around), is aimed at the more enthusiast amateur snapper.

According to Sony, it offers 'Full-frame photography in a truly compact body', and has Sony's new BIONZ X processor technology, along with a 35mm full frame Exmor sensor with 24.3 megapixels that will even pump out 4k images to a connected TV.

It also supports Sony's new app platform, and comes with a shutter release app that'll work via Wi-Fi. 

For more information, click here now.

Vimeo goes Pro

Vimeo's new pro offering

In a bid to attract amateur filmmakers away from YouTube, Vimeo has relaunched its pro offering, giving 1tb of space for potential blockbusters.

Vimeo PRO members now get 20GB of storage per week (up to 1TB per year) for their $199 annual fee.

In addition to this, PRO members have access to Vimeo on Demand enabling to set their own rent and buy pricing on their work, along with unlimited HD plays and better customer support.

[Source: Vimeo]

Google feels the force

As if Google employees weren't already spoily enough with free food and slides, the Zurich office has now raised the bar with The Force, an art installation.

It consists of over 16'000 LEGO bricks, and took about 10 hours to complete, resulting in some amazing lego artwork of everyone's favourite nerd heros.

[Source: Core77]