Full–on Skype comes to your mobile

Everyone loves free stuff, especially when they’re sticking it to the man and dodging their phone bill. It’s the reason we love Skype so m

While you can already do your VoIP thing with 3’s Skypephone and on Windows Mobile–toting smartphones, this Java app finally means you can get full–on Skype straight on your blower.

Best of all, you can snag it whether you’re packing a Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung or Motorola (pretty much all of you then). 50 handsets are supported, including the N95 and N80.

It’ll let you IM as well as hit your mates on the hip, with Skype saying that the average users will eat up about 1MB of data a month. Definitely worth plumping for that flat data tariff then.


Skypr on your mobile

Price: £Free

On sale: Now

Contact: Skype