Fujitsu bakes exceedingly small Lifebook U2010 laptop

It's taken its 8.9in swivelling Lifebook P1610 and squeezed it down to a minuscule 5.6in device of densely packed tech - dubbed the Lifebook U2010.Alt

Although the tiny tablet has been spotted on display stands before, it's always remained a mystery as to what was inside. Now, though, the specs have been laid bare for all to see by a Vietnamese forum.

According to 'cuhiep' - who also posts a whole album of in-hand snaps and five minutes of strangely squashed video - it'll pack a pre-requisite Intel Atom chip of the 1.6 or 1.8GHz variety. The screen will be a pleasingly hi-res 1024x768 and it'll have a gig of RAM and an 80GB hard drive.

Like HP's MiniNote it runs Vista Business, which should make the touch screen and handwriting recognition a whole lot slicker. Wireless needs are taken care of by HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS for good measure.

The only downside, as with other Lifebooks, is the price – said to be a not so mini $1,300 (£655). If that's still palatable, head on over to the shampoo-sounding Tinh te for the photos - and check out cihiep's forum avatar. Looks trustworthy to us.


Fujitsu Lifebook U2010

Price: £TBA ($1300 in US)

On sale: TBA

Contact: Fujitsu Siemens