Fujitisu FLEPia eBook reader hits the shelves

The Amazon Kindle 2 is no longer the hottest eBook reader in town. Step back book fans, because the Fujitsu FLEPia is now yours to own. As long as you

The FLEPia's big draw is its full colour 8in screen, which is ideal for reading mags rather than full–on lengthy tomes. On top of that you get Bluetooth, Wi–Fi, USB and an SD card slot.

According to our chums at Electricpig, you'll be able to order one of these bad boys from 20 April, with prices kicking off around £725. Import one and you'll undoubtedly be king of the gadget pile for at least six months. Having spent all that cash though, reading is about the only thing you'll be able to afford to do.

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Fujitsu Flepia

Price: £725

On sale: 20 April

Contact: Fujitsu