Fujifilm X-E1 glimpsed in leaked shots

New mirrorless swappable lens camera will be bringing the retro charm in the near future

Fujifilm looks set to build on the popularity of the retro-tastic X10, X100 and X-Pro1 cameras by releasing a new model called the X-E1 – if a leaked image is to be believed.

Like the X-Pro1 and X100, the X-E1 supports swappable lenses, but we’re not yet sure where in the range it’ll sit. There’s no optical viewfinder on board, but if you look at the top right of the camera there’s what looks like an eyecup, suggesting the presence of an electronic viewfinder.

When Fujifilm gets around to officially announcing the X-E1, we’ll bring you more details.

[Digicame Info via The Verge]

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