Fujifilm reveals X-Pro 1 mirrorless camera system

They (don't) do it with mirrors – Fujifilm's 16MP mirrorless camera is shown off to the world

Fujifilm has unveiled its new flagship compact mirrorless camera system, the X-Pro 1 – which features an all-new 16MP X-Trans CMOS sensor.

The X-Pro 1's retro-textured metal shell contains some powerful tech, including Fujifilm's hybrid viewfinder, which can flip between optical and electronic viewfinder modes.

There's also a new colour filter array that does away with the need for an optical low-pass filter (and the resulting moire effect).

The new camera doesn't come cheap – UK pricing has yet to be announced, but in the US it's expected to retail for US$1,700 for the body and US$600 a pop for the X mount prime lenses. They include the XF18mm f/2, the XF 35mm f/1.4 and the XF60MM f/2.4 macro lens, with a zoom lens slated for release later in the year.

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