Fujifilm goes camera crazy in Vegas

Fujifilm caters for every type of camera enthusiast with its new band of snappers

It seems Fujifilm has been saving up all its new cameras for a mass unveiling at CES. The manufacturer has a lifted the lid on a new range of entry level point and shooters, stylish social networking snapper, a tough ruggedised shutterbug and powerful bridge cameras for those too scarred to step up to full blown SLR. Something for everyone then? Here’s the pick of the bunch.

FinePix HS20EXR

Bridge cameras offer power and poise of an SLR but without the bulk. The HS20EXR is manufacturer’s latest top of the range bridge snapper and successor to the HS10. The bump up in the megapixel count is major: its rockets from 10 to 16MP while the 30x optical zoom is equally impressive. It also packs an electronic viewfinder with the EXR-CMOS combo sensor delivering the tech wizardry and giving your snaps a boost in low light conditions. Like all the cameras announced today, the HS20EXR will launch in the spring.


FinePix F500EXR

This flagship compact is designed for those who want the top class snaps and functionality but without having to faff around too much with fiddling settings. You know who you are. It sports a 16MP EXR-CMOS sensor, a penis envy inducing 15x wide-angled optical zoom, shoot photos in uncompressed RAW format and records 1080p HD video. The whiz-bangery gets even better with a built-in GPS receiver that geo-tags your photos along with offering you the distance and directions of where a particular photo was taken.


FinePix Z90

The slimline Z90 – its body measures a pocketable 17.5mm - is all about the style and social networking. But first the nitty gritty camera specs: it features a 14MP CCD sensor, a 5x wide angled optical zoom, 3in touch LCD display and captures video in 720p. Naturally Face Detection is onboard as well as Tracking Auto Focus for nailing those action shots minus the blur. Facebook and YouTube fiends will love the easy selection of pics or video for instant uploading to the web via the bundled MyFinePix studio desktop software while of course it arrives in numerous fun loving garish colours. Pink please!


FinePix XP30

The XP30 is built to withstand the vagaries of outdoor pursuits, extreme sports and adventures in water. It can survive, fingers crossed, being slam dunked from 1.5 metres, still operate after a roll in the sand and live to takes another picture after a five metre, max, dip in the ocean. It’s also a sub zero hero, as long as temperature don’t go below a chilly minus 10 degrees. Apart from being nails it also flaunts a 14.2MP resolution, a 5x wide-angled optical zoom for close-up, 720p HD video at 30fps and built in GPS.