Fujifilm Finepix Real3D adds new dimension to stills photography

The Fujifilm FinePix Real3D, the world's first compact digital camera to snap three dimensional shots, will hit the UK in September. It'll launch in J


The good news is that you don't need special specs to enjoy the extra dimension. The Fujifilm Finepix Real3D images can be displayed on a special 8in LCD picture frame.


3D prints will also be on offer, using film with a clear plastic overlay that acts as a 3D lens. Fujifilm plans to launch a new online service that will make the 3D prints for Finepix Real3D owners.


The downside of all this extra-dimensional fun is the price. The Fujifilm Finepix Real3D will sell for around $600 (£370) before tax. Is it the novelty of 3D worth the extra cash?


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(Via Time)