Friday is phone day

[intro]The Prada Phone and the Nokia 6300 have both arrived on my desk. Guess which one I'm taking home for the weekend?[/intro] Two heavily promot

Two heavily promoted phones arrived in the post this morning - the Prada Phone (see my video review here), and the Nokia 6300. Both have attracted small crowds of admirers. But there's no doubt the touchscreen Prada phone has the X Factor.

Like many mobile users, I'm a big Nokia fan. But sometimes they mystify me by promoting phones that aren't the best, or sexiest in their range. Take the 6300 - it's a thin (for Nokia) Series 40 phone with music player, 2MP camera and big, bright screen. Like its bretheren, it does its job very nicely, with a decent menu system, usable key layout and... well, that's about it. Despite Nokia sending over a desktop speaker system and Bluetooth headphones to accompany it, I'm struggling to get excited. Particularly when I'm already toting the W880i (nicer menus, worse keys, sexier design).

The Prada Phone, on the other hand, is designed to turn heads. It has similar features to the 6300, but a much sexier (if less useable) interface. I'm already getting frustrated with it (It won't accept Vodafone's GPRS settings for some reason), and it's certainly no iPhone - but it looks fabulous, dahling.

I'll be spending some quality time with the Prada this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. And the 6300? I've handed it over to our commissioning editor Will, who seems unfeasibly excited about it. My head tells me he has the better phone. But my heart is drawn to the superficial charms of the Prada phone. If only LG hadn't named it after such a uninspiring fashion brand. (Is it just me that would rather pack an LG phone than a Prada one?)

P.S. No, I don't get to keep the phones. Boo.