Friday app will track every detail of your Android life

From the creators of the Siri-for-Android app iris comes this life tracking Google Play newbie that's just out of beta

Big web companies like to mine trivial (some might say) information about our online and messaging habits so why shouldn't we? Friday for Android wants to do exactly that – put digital life tracking back in the hands of the people so we can lay awake at night wondering if we've sent too many unreturned texts this week.

The idea behind the app is that it becomes an automatic diary – you can skip back in time to a certain day and Friday will tell you what Facebook statuses you posted, who you called and what photos you uploaded, for instance. You can choose to look at your entire digital and phone history with a certain special someone and even get infographics of your behaviour.

Friday is built by Dexetra, who made iris – the quickest voice assistant app (not to mention the cheekiest name) to appear for Android following the launch of Siri on the iPhone 4S. So it's no surprise that you can ask the app for info about your history using plain ol' conversation and Friday will respond.

Dexetra don't appear to want to steal all your data – instead, the devs would quite like some good old-fashioned payment in the form of paid-for "applets" like Trails which plots your movements and events onto a map view.

Get Friday for free over on Google Play to see what analytics you're missing out on.

[via TechinAsia]

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