Freeview coming to a netbook near you

Getting TV on the move is a still a bit of a pain here in Blighty, unless you're rocking the right mobile for a spot of BBC iPlayer action. However, T

The single chip TLG2300 CMOS can fit snugly into any laptop and can pick up PAL and digital signals, meaning you'll soon be getting Freeview on a cheap laptop. None of the major players have signed up yet, but seeing as netbooks have become the ultimate 'me too' gadget, it's surely a matter of time before one the major players steps up.

The idea of getting live TV on the move may seem somewhat redundant, with download services and VOD rendering the idea something of a novelty. But having the option would at least give punters the chance to watch sports without having to hide themselves away from the results for hours on end.

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