Free hard drives for Xbox 360 Arcade punters

The new Xbox Experience, hitting your Microsoft hub on 19 November, needs 128MB of free storage space to play nice. That means if you've got a Core or

Fear not though, because Microsoft is on hand with a string of cheapy hard drives to get your Xbox up to speed. If you're an active Live member and only have a 64MB storage unit, the good folks at Redmond will give you a 512MB hard drive for nowt.

Arcade owners who are active online can nab a 20GB hard drive for just £12.99. And if you're not kicking it with your mates over the web and want in on the action, you can play out £20 for the same hard drive and 3 months XBLA membership.

With price cuts already putting Microsoft well and truly in everyone's good books, this looks like yet another move to stick it to Sony in the run up to Christmas.


Xbox Experience

Price: £Free

On sale: November 19

Contact: Microsoft