Free apps will cost you – in battery life

Location-based ads use up to 75 per cent of the energy drained by free Android apps

If you've crammed your phone with free apps, you may be paying an unexpected cost – in battery life. Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana have discovered that up to 75 per cent of the battery drain from free Android apps is caused by serving up adverts and tracking your position for location-based ads.

Startlingly, the core functions of apps like Angry Birds, Free Chess and NYTimes used up between 10 per cent and 30 per cent of battery life, with some apps draining the battery in around 90 minutes (though it's worth bearing in mind that the researchers were using quite old handsets – an HTC Magic and Passion – alongside the newer HTC Titan II).

Still, the message seems to be clear – if you want to eke out more battery life, you'll have to pony up for paid apps.

(Via New Scientist)

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